Incorporated in Fuzhou, Fujian Coland Logistics Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in importing and distributing of fishmeal. Importing annually a great deal of brown and white fishmeal from Peru, Chile, U.S.A., Russia etc., occupying about 15% of whole fishmeal import of China, Coland Logistics is a leading company in the imported fishmeal market.
By establishing branches and representative offices in most of the significant aquaculture sites, namely Tianjin, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shunde, Nanning, Hangzhou, Weihai, Zhengzhou, Kunming, and Guiyang, Coland Logistics has set up its own sales network with extensive distribution coverage and logistics support.
Located in Fuzhou Bonded Zone, with bonded storage capability of 20,000 mts fishmeal and 20,000 mts fish oil, Coland Logistics Park has absolutely enhanced Coland’s importing logistics and international trading business.