Coland Holdings Company Limited (Coland Group)is incorporated in Hong Kong. With its business covering research and development, manufacturing and distribution of fishmeal, fish oil, aqua feeds, aquaculture and aquatic products and foods, Coland Group serves the needs of China’s feed, aquaculture, and food processing industry whole heartedly under the principle of honesty, sincerity and service.
        Coland Group has several wholly owned subsidiaries in China - (1) Fujian Coland Logistics Co., Ltd.; (2) Fujian Coland Enterprises Co., Ltd.; (3) Fuzhou Economic Technical Development Zone Coland Enterprises Co., Ltd.; (4) Fujian Coland Marine Bioengineering Co., Ltd.; (5) Fuzhou Economic Technical Development Zone Coland Feeds Co., Ltd.; (6) Fujian Coland Bioscience and Technology Co., Ltd.; (7) Fuzhou Coland Products Trading Co., Ltd.; (8) Wuhan Coland Aquatic Products and Food Co., Ltd.; (9) Wuhan Coland Feed Co.,Ltd.; (10) Shandong Coland Fishmeal Feed Co., Ltd.; (11) Chengdu Coland Feed Co., Ltd. Coland Group would have a sustained business development on the existing solid foundation of sources and stable enterprise structure.
        Owing to the spirit of Colandmen ---- “Strengthen ourselves with efforts forever and never give up, make progress all the time with harmoniousness”, we would surely step towards a brighter and more prosperous future.